When you think of Rita Ross, what comes to mind is... 

Responsible, Resourceful, Representation


I am proud to stand for:



  • Support public and private capital investment

  • Overhaul our water infrastructure

  • Work with telecommunications providers to ensure access to high speed internet

  • Invest in and support "Greener" cities initiatives and policies

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Ensure the dignity and humanity of those interacting with these systems

  • Implement sentencing reform & Ban the Box

  • Invest in opportunities for Returning Citizens

  • End the School to Prison Pipeline

Jobs & Economy

  • Push for the Detroit 15: Fair pay and livable wages

  • Right to Collective Bargaining

  • Support labor to end "Right to Work" legislation and protect Prevailing Wage

  • Support criminal justice reform to ensure the dignity and humanity of those interacting with these systems

Healthcare & Seniors

  • Rebuild Mental Health treatment facilities

  • Increase funding for Detroit Seniors and Veteran services

  • Invest in Harm Reduction Programs - such as Needle Exchange programs to reduce the Opioid crisis in neighborhoods

  • Support a single-payer healthcare system ensuring access to healthcare for all


  • Invest in Wraparound Services

  • Expanding Early Childhood Education

  • Competitive Public Schools

  • Create pathways to skilled trades and apprenticeships and job-training opportunities